Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Natural beauty

Nature is complex, diverse and magnificent. By changing the angle, the poetic approach reveals the natural beauty.

Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld
In a world at a standstill

France is confined to try to slow the spread of the virus and I observe nature which buds with the arrival of Spring.

Greater Flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Greater flamingos

Aesthetic appearance, courtship displays, large colonies, Greater Flamingos are special birds.

Greater Flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Early January, I note the increase in belligerent behavior between Greater Flamingos and wonder about their mimicry.

A koala on a wildlife reserve in Kangaroo Island, Australia © Claire Blumenfeld

Wild animals are a source of discovery and permanent inspiration.

A butterfly Plain Tiger in the Australian countryside © Claire Blumenfeld
Portfolio – Wildlife

Selection of my most beautiful creations through photos, videos, sounds and writings on the theme of wildlife.

The Sainte Baume range, Provence, France © Claire Blumenfeld
End of the year in Provence

Stroll in the Provencal landscapes in winter, rediscovery of the Garrigue and conclusions about this end of a decade.

Flora, Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Land of nature and men

What is Camargue? How have history and human exploitation shaped this deltaic plain? And what are the current challenges for the natural environment?

Greater Flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Flights and behaviors

Observation at the end of the day in Camargue of flamingos’ flights and behavior.

Greater Flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Courtship displays

Observation of a flamingo colony doing courtship displays in Camargue.

Landmannalaugar, Highlands of Iceland - © Claire Blumenfeld

Iceland is a country like nowhere else. Its landscapes are magnificent and inhospitable and its atmosphere is special.

Snaefellsnes, Iceland © Claire Blumenfeld
Driving on my footsteps

End of my trip to Iceland. I travel for the last time the extraordinary landscapes of the island.

Cratère Hverfell - Myvatn - Nord - Islande - © Claire Blumenfeld
The large North

Pedaling around Tröllaskagi peninsula and the Myvatn oasis.

Cliffs - South coast - Iceland - © Claire Blumenfeld
Southern delusions

First week cycling along the south coast of Iceland, from Keflavik to Svinafell.

Loch Ness - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
Quick visits

Last days in Scotland. A short tour of Loch Ness following the Great Glen Way and a visit to Inverness.

Callanish - Outer Hebrides - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
A step in the past

Last days on the Outer Hebrides to discover its history and traditions.

The East coast - Hiking the Hebridean Way - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
Exploring Harris and Lewis

Last part on the Hebridean Way through Harris and Lewis. An end of a hike full of discoveries and encounters.

Berneray - Hiking the Hebridean Way - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
The charm of the Hebrides

Part two on the Hebridean Way through the charming little islands in the center of the archipelago.

West coast of South Uist - Hiking the Hebridean Way - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
Windy monotonies

First part of my hike on the Hebridean Way through the Outer Hebrides archipelago.

Hiking the West Highland Way - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
Across the Highlands

Part two on the West Highland Way. The return of the sun, a feeling of accomplishment and the great green mountains.

Wild camping in the Highlands - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld
One foot after the other

A week of hiking on the West Highland Way. First part across the Highlands, in the rain and with a head full of questions.

The Vallée Blanche, Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld
The Alps

The Alps are a very large mountain range with diversified relief spanning across Europe.

Poppies - Provence - France - © Claire Blumenfeld
Interval in Provence

After seven months in Chamonix, I returned to Provence to visit my parents and prepare my next travels.

The Green Lake of Passy in the French Alps © Claire Blumenfeld
A breath of Spring

End of my stay in Chamonix. Spring is back, I find motivation again and I take the opportunity to do a few activities.

The Brévent, Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld
The black hole

The first months of 2019 are difficult. Winter is passing in Chamonix and I am facing depression.

Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld
In the arms of winter

The good weather has passed, the tourists are back in the streets of Chamonix and my morale is playing hide and seek.

Lac Blanc, Aiguilles Rouges massif, Chamonix valley, France © Claire Blumenfeld
Enchanted hikes

The Chamonix valley is ideal for hiking and I take advantage of the perfect weather to explore it.

Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania © Claire Blumenfeld
Exploring Tasmania

Lots of stars in my eyes as I wander around this paradise-like island in southern Australia.

Forth, Tasmania © Claire Blumenfeld
Carrots contact

Picking up vegetables during Tasmanian autumn and feeling a little out of step.

Costa Farm, Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia © Claire Blumenfeld
A blueberry season

It is winter in Australia and the blueberry harvest is in full swing.

Bill & Tina's farm, Kangaroo Island, South Australia © Claire Blumenfeld
On Kangaroo Island

Volunteering on a small farm and change of perspective for the rest of the travel.

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, South Australia © Claire Blumenfeld
The land of Arkaroola

Red dust, kangaroos, salt lake and wild bush. Discoveries of a particular land.

Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, île du Nord, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
My last two months in New Zealand

So here I am, installed at Trevelyan’s campsite. Gonna spend six weeks packing kiwis to get some money for my next trip to Asia. I take advantage of my free weekend to meet the other young people living in the house. A dozen people from all over the world.

Focus: New Zealand – North Island

A selection of the best photographs I took during my past year wandering around New Zealand lands.
The photographs are accompanied by a legend evoking a memory. Here is my selection for the North Island.

Castlepoint sur Île du Nord, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
April on the North Island

Back in Wellington, I spend a few days with Niels (and his wife), whom I met during my work in Te Anau several months earlier. They live in Plimmerton, a chic suburb of Wellington, about thirty minutes by train from the center. The main purpose of my visit to Wellington is to make an appointment with a nose specialist to settle my sinus infection that I have been carrying for several months.

Focus: New Zealand – South Island

A selection of the best photographs I took during my year exploring the lands of New Zealand. The photos are accompanied by a souvenir associated with the place. I present here my selection for the South Island.

Farewell Spit, région Tasman sur Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
Goodbye South Island

I left Farewell Spit by hitchhiking through Collingwood and back down to Motueka where I left my bike several days before. Along the way, I camped at Canaan Downs, a valley in the hills just behind the Abel Tasman National Park. The place is used for festivals and rave-parties and wooden sculptures are present everywhere.

Encounters in Farewell Spit

After my hike on the Abel Tasman Track, I traveled by hitchhiking the Golden Bay. The area extends from Abel Tasman National Park to Farewell Spit. Farewell Spit is an almost island sinking into the sea from Cape Farewell. It is located on the northern side of the South Island and looks strangely like the long beak of a kiwi (the bird) when viewed on a map.

Abel Tasman Track sur l'Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
Along the coast on the Abel Tasman Track

After crossing the West Coast, I arrived in the Tasman region, where the Abel Tasman National Park is located. A trail runs along the coast for a 3/4 days-hike alternating passages in coastal forests and yellow sandy beaches. So I leave my bike and my belongings in Motueka and I start with only my backpack and my tent for 3 days and a half of hiking.

West Coast in picture. Cape Foulwind and its seal colony

The very last stop on the West Coast, a little extra ride after Westport. Go and return to see Cape Foulwind and its colony of seals. Cape Foulwind is about fifteen kilometers from Westport. I then take the bus to Richmond, in the Tasman region, North of the South Island. The end of one stage and the beginning of another.

West Coast in picture. Westport

Here I am, arrived at Westport, the end of my journey on the West Coast. The region still stretches over a hundred kilometers to the north, but the road is one-way. Unfortunately I do not have time to go there.

West Coast in picture. Hokitika

From Lake Ianthe, a couple of Kiwis drives me to Hokitika. With the rain I give up visiting Hokitika Gorge, 33 km away from the village. In the end I will not see much of the area. An appointment a little missed.

West Coast in picture. Franz Josef Glacier

After Fox Glacier, direction Franz Joseph Glacier, another glacier about twenty kilometers away. But I made the journey by bus. Indeed the road climbs very hard to pass the Three Sisters, three big steep climbs that I did not had the courage to do by bike.

West Coast in picture. Lake Paringa

I left Jackson Bay early in the morning and headed back to Haast where I headed north. To arrive about fifty kilometers further at Lake Paringa nestled amid the mountains covered with rainforests.

Mackenzie Country sur l'Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
On the road. Mount Cook to West Coast

After four days of hiking, I leave Mount Cook and the Glentanner campground to spend a day at Lake Tekapo. Same like before, I ride along Lake Pukaki and its water of a fabulous turquoise color for about thirty kilometers.

Aoraki / Mont Cook National Park sur l'Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
Day hike on Mueller Hut Track

During my few days visiting Mount Cook, I took the opportunity to do a lot of hiking in the valley. The hike that interested me most was the climb to the Mueller Hut, 1800m above sea level.

Focus: Mueller Hut – design and nature

I finally reach the 2200th step of the ascent to Sealy Tarns. A small lake offers itself to me as well as a splendid view on the Hooker glacier and its milky blue lake. I am only halfway up the hill to reach Mueller Hut, a refuge at 1800m altitude.

Mackenzie Country sur l'Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
On the road. Wanaka to Mount Cook

After five days in Wanaka, it’s time to go. I’m leaving my nice spot at the Glendhu Bay Campsite on Sunday, February 26 under cloudy weather. Forty minutes on the hilly road to reach Wanaka and I head towards Aoraki / Mt. Cook, my point of arrival in 3 days. About 200 km separate me from the place I wanted to visit most during my stay in New Zealand.

Wanaka sur l'Île du Sud, Nouvelle-Zélande © Claire Blumenfeld
Reaching summits on the Skyline Track

If you are passing through Wanaka, some sixty miles north of Queenstown, do not miss the Roy’s Peak / Skyline Track. The start is on the road from Wanaka to Glendhu Bay. It is probably the best known hike in the region.

Lake Wakatipu, South Island, New Zealand © Dana and Pablo
Travelers experiences. Discovering New Zealand with Dana and Pablo

It’s been a month since I was working at Kepler Restaurant in Te Anau in Fiordland, when Dana and Pablo arrived. A ray of joy and smile in a slightly morose atmosphere. We became friend immediately and it was a pleasure to work and exchange with them for three months.

Itinerary. What to do during a stay in Te Anau?

Te Anau is a small tourist town located on the southwestern coast of the South Island of New Zealand in the Southland region. It is the gateway to Fiordland National Park and its many fjords. And it is full of superb activities not to be missed!

Wakatipu or the shape of a giant

The turquoise blue waters of Lake Wakatipu finally appear in the distance. Surrounded by chains of mountains on all sides I let my eyes wander, amazed by the beauty of the landscape. The bicycle ride from Te Anau was tough but it was worth it. My little bike survived the first two days of the expedition through gravel tracks and river crossings.

Fiordland. Discover Doubtful Sound by Kayak

If you are looking to combine the discovery of Fiordland and a sporting adventure, I recommend you to go kayaking in the Doubtful Sound. The sound was discovered by James Cook in 1770. Not being sure of its practicability, the explorer named the place Doubtful Harbor.

Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand © Claire Blumenfeld
Last days in Fiordland

Three-day misadventure in the valleys of Monowai and Green Lake and preparation for the rest of the trip.

Te Anau. Best homemade pies of Fiordland

Pies in New Zealand are found everywhere. They exist with all possible choices, from salty to sweet, hot or cold, to eat at any time of the day. It is a tradition. On the way to Te Anau, in the Fiordland region, do not miss a stop by the small shop Miles Pies, next to the i-site. From the outside, the place doesn’t seems special (like many places in NZ) but their pies are delicious.

Ready to go!

Well, there it is. My four months as a housekeeper at the Lakeview Holiday Park in Te Anau are over. I cleaned my room and re-done my luggage (too much by the way). Barbecue tonight with the team members and tomorrow morning I leave the park. It’s time to leave.

Food comfort

Banana, chocolate and coconut yogurt. This will be my evening meal. Since November 2016, in addition to working during the day as a housekeeper at the Lakeview Holiday Park of Te Anau, I am also waitress during the evening at the Kepler restaurant. Generally the work at the park ends at 4-5h. While restaurant work starts at 6pm. Like you see, few time to rest in between.

Self-service horse poo

Horse poo self-service on the roadside. For only two dollars you have the right to a large bag filled with animal excreta to serve as fertilizer for your garden. It is cheap, biodegradable and chemical free.

Passage of time in Te Anau

I arrived in Te Anau last October. Since then, the New Year has arrived and here we are in 2017 almost late January already. Four months in this little corner at the southern tip of New Zealand. I came to work two months as a housekeeper in the Lakeview Holiday Park, the biggest Holiday Park in the village a little apart and I am four months later still here.

Give me your crumbs!

It’s better not to leave your food unattended in West Arm’s kitchen. A second of inattention and your meal disappeared, swallowed up by a couple of voracious Chaffinchs having made their hunting territory in the kitchen. Yes, I’m exaggerating. But I am not far from the truth.

On the shores of Lake Te Anau

Do not rely on appearances, the vast majority of the time in Te Anau, it’s a bad weather. Especially this year. According to the inhabitants, this summer is particularly bad. For four months I’ve been here (I landed in October), I saw a whole bunch of sky scrolling with incredible gray variations. I experienced fine rain, torrential rain, hail and even snow. I was cold, very cold, pierced by gusts of wind so strong they can uproot the trees of the forest behind the campsite where I live. And sometimes, at fleeting moments, I saw the sun appears. It’s not quite the summer I was expecting. But when the sun finally deigns to show its nose, life takes on a different color.

Hobbiton, North Island, New Zealand © Claire Blumenfeld
In the land of the Hobbits

Walking in the footsteps of Frodo through Hobbiton and rediscovering the atmosphere of Peter Jackson’s movies.

Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand © Claire Blumenfeld
Rotorua, geothermal paradise

In the middle of the fumaroles, visit of the pretty town of Rotorua and immersion in the history of the region.

Last days in Japan

After 10 days in the heart of nature, the return to civilization is a shock to me. It’s almost too noisy and lively. But my stay in Japan is coming to an end. I have barely a week left before leaving the land of the rising sun. So I enjoy wandering around and going to the Ghibli Museum.

Wwoofing at Goka farm

After TYK Hanami, I spent next ten days doing wwoofing in Goka Farm, a Japanese family living in a remote mountain valley not far from Mt Fuji. They decided to live in self-sufficiency, trying to depend as little as possible on the government and respecting nature. An experience full of discoveries.

Taking part in TYK Hanami

Back to Tajimi to take part in the TYK hanami. I find the team that I left a few weeks ago for a last evening with everyone. It gives me pleasure to spend time with my “colleagues” again.

The mystical atmosphere of Koya-san

After Osaka and Nara I spent a weekend on Mount Koya-san. It is the center of Shingon Buddhism, an important sect introduced to Japan in 805 by Kobo Daishi (or Kukai), one of Japan’s most famous priests.

Passage to Osaka and Nara

From April 8 to 11, 2016, I spent a few days in Osaka and Nara. After my week-long intensive visits to Kyoto, having a delay in my articles and a certain fatigue combined with painful neck pain, I finally spent a lot of time at the hostel in Osaka where I had booked four nights. My visits to Osaka and Nara were therefore rather short.

The best of Kyoto

After Takayama Matsuri I headed back to Kyoto and its amazing atmosphere (but full of tourists) for another week to explore the city. I made a photographic selection of the places and things that have struck me most during this week full of wonder.

Takayama matsuri

After TYK, I went back to Takayama to see the famous Takayama Matsuri dedicated to the celebration of spring and good harvests. From 14 to 15 April, on the occasion of the Sannô festival, each Takayama district presents a decorated float or Yatai which parades in a long procession around the Hie-Jinja sanctuary.

Kyoto Snapshots

From April 1 to 8, I visited Kyoto. Some pictures to show you a first glimpse of the city.

Spring arrival in Tajimi

March ended a few days ago and with it my work at TYK. This second month in Tajimi was an opportunity to see nature evolve with the arrival of spring and spend a second month TYK more pleasant than the first.

Kyoto Overview (last day in TYK)

For my last day of work, Thursday, March 31, TYK organized for me a day trip in Kyoto! Visiting several temples to go enjoy the cherry blossoms, eating in a high Japanese cuisine restaurant and watching a dance performance by Geishas are on the program! Followed by a meal to celebrate my departure with the leaders of TYK in Tajimi the evening! Excited I join Kaku-san whom accompanying me during this busy day!

Focus TYK : Meet Polina

Discover Polina and her family, a young Russian working at TYK that I met a fortnight before the end of my stay in Tajimi.

Focus TYK : Discoveries with Kanji-san

On my first day in the New Material Team, Kanji-san took me with him to Akechi Ceramics factory. On the way we made many stops and detours and the trip to the factory turned into a discovery of the region!

Focus : Portraits of TYK

Small portrait gallery for you to discover a few people with whom I worked during these two months working at TYK.

Focus : Another vision of TYK

Through a gallery of about twenty photographs in black and white and color, take a different look on TYK environment.

Focus: In the shoes of a TYK worker

As promised, here are the articles about my work at the TYK factory in Tajimi. In this first article you are gonna discover about thirty photos of the life of a TYK worker and my vision of the factory during my two months of work, from February to March 2016.

Ride through the Gasshō-zukuri

Taking advantage of the fact that Monday, March 21st is a public holiday in Japan, I went for a three-day weekend to visit the regions of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. Stretching along the Shogawa River in the remote mountains of northern Gifu Prefecture to Toyama Prefecture, the place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

Glimpse : Cuties codrivers collection

Protectors? Codrivers? Placed here because there is space? Behind the windshield of one of TYK dormitory cars, watching me go every morning, is a cute collection of small plush characters. Icons from different eras on display behind the glass.

A weekend in Nagoya

Nagoya being an hour away by train from Tajimi, I took a weekend to visit it. First stop: Aichi Park in Nagakute Commune in the eastern hills of Nagoya.

February in Tajimi

Tajimi is an industrial city located in the prefecture of Gifu in central Japan also called Chubu region. Located at the beginning of the mountains of central Japan, Tajimi spreads its outer quarters through the hills while the city center is in a small valley where the Toki River flows. Climbing on the heights we can see the volcanoes Haku and Ontake, two active stratovolcanoes.

Glimpse : Back to work

Already three weeks of work at the TYK factory in Tajimi. Manufacturer of refractory and fine ceramics for the industry. Uniforms and helmets for all. Group stretching every morning.

Glimpse : Kawaii ceramic deities

Bad weather in Tajimi. The city looks sad. Discovered by chance a few streets dedicated to ceramics. Explosion of shapes and colors. Houses with traditional architecture. Charm from the past. Feeling of wonder.

Glimpse : Taste of old times

First weeks in Tajimi. Mixture of antiquity and modernity in a jumble full of charm. Mountain environment, fresh breeze and sunshine warming the landscape.

Meeting with the sea creatures of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Thursday January 28 I leave Kiyuna Farm early to visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, located on the Motobu Peninsula northwest of the city of Nago. Located within the Ocean Expo Park, the aquarium houses the world’s largest pool of 7500m3, featuring species (including whale sharks and giant manta rays) found in Okinawa waters.

Two weeks in the vicinity of Ôgimi

Monday, January 18, departure at 8am from Nago for Ôgimi, a small rural town in the north of Okinawa where my new woofing is located, on a dairy farm. I arrive half an hour later at the Konbini (small supermarkets open 24/7 present everywhere) where is the meeting place. I call the farm using a landline and wait almost an hour for my contact to pick me up. A little grandma finally landed. Keiko Kiyuna, the owner of the farm.

Paradise moment on Kerama islands

I arrive on the island of Aka-jima under cloudy weather but I like the peaceful atmosphere and the tiny village instantly. The lady from my guesthouse came to pick me up. A young German who arrived by the ferry is also staying at the Kawai Diving Hostel.

Gray weather in Okinawa

Semi-tropical island, the Ryukyu Islands are more like Hawaii, Brazil or Southeast Asian than the rest of Japan. The Ryukyu archipelago of which Okinawa is part, was for centuries independent of Japan. For a long time, the islands were ruled by local chiefs until 1429, when Sho Hashi founded the Ryukyu dynasty.

Head to the stars in Tanegashima

Tanegashima is a long narrow strip of land 20 km northeast of Yakushima. Not very popular with tourists but popular with surfers, the island has one of Japan’s leading space centers, Japan’s JAXA or Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Yakushima, in the footsteps of Miyazaki

Tuesday, January 5, early in the morning, a ferry carries me on the island of Yakushima. Located in the archipelago of Osumi, the island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Yakushima’s environment has inspired Hayao Miyazaki for the achievement of Princess Mononoke.

On the trail of Kyûshû volcanoes (part 2/2)

After a short crossing of 1 hour, I arrived in the city of Shimabara, northeast of the Shimabara Peninsula, located in Nagasaki Prefecture. It is a nice cold sun. After leaving my bag at the hostel, I walk quietly around. Shimabara is a small port city stretching along the coast at the foot of Mount Mayuyama.

On the trail of Kyûshû volcanoes (Part 1/2)

The end of my woofing was very quiet as the hostel was closed on December 23rd and 24th. On the evening of the 23rd we went to see the Christmas Festival in Beppu as planned. Alas it was raining, which made the evening gloomy. I was expecting a real ” matsuri ” but not really.

Wwoofing in Yufuin

My first two weeks of Wwoofing at Youth Hostel Country Road went very well. I had originally planned to leave on Monday 21st December, but I will finally stay more. I really like Yufuin and Ryo-san offered me to accompany them to see the festivities in Beppu, at the occasion of Christmas.

Arrival on Kyûshû

Departure from Hiroshima for the island of Kyûshû where I will spend the month of December.  Kyushu is one of Japan’s four major islands. It is the southernmost of the islands and is considered to be the birthplace of Japanese civilization. The island is mountainous with many volcanoes.

Miyajima and Itsukushima shrine

Visit of the island of Miyajima with Doris. Forty minutes by tram and ten minutes by ferry and here we are on the sacred island of Miyajima. It is forbidden to be born there, to die there and to cut trees. The vegetation is lush and the various temples and shrines housed in the island are beautiful.

Hiroshima and the weight of history

Hiroshima. And the Atomic Bomb. Visiting the city I go for the Genbaku Dome and the Peace Memorial and Museum. The visit is really painful but extremely recommended. The weight of history is pushing my body to the ground. Hard to believe when I walk across the city now that all this horror happened before.

Meeting with the sun in Kôchi

At first sight Kochi is very similar to Tokushima (from an architectural point of view), but there is a feeling of “more of the South”. Located on the Kagami river delta (which means “Mirror”, the water of the river being particularly pure), Kôchi saw the birth lots of samurai famous in history.

Hiking in the Iya Valley

Direction the Valley of Iya. Located in the heart of the mountain, with deep gorges and thick forests. At the end of the 12th century, following the war of Gempei, the last members of the Heike clan after their defeat against the Minamoto, found refuge here. Apparently their descendants still live in the valley. 

Minami, facing the sea

After spending the morning of Wednesday, November 25 to organise the details, in Tokushima, departure in the afternoon for Minami. I take a small regional train of two cars that are filled a little bit more at each stop. All the schoolchildren in the room take the same line.

Arrival in Shikoku

From November 24th to December 2nd, I’m going for a walk on Shikoku Island. It is the smallest of the four big islands of Japan. Shikoku is famous for its mountainous landscapes, its small fishing villages and especially the pilgrimage of 88 temples. First step of this journey: Tokushima.

Last days in Tokyo

This second week, I stayed in a Japanese family living in Arakawa district and I continued my walk in Tokyo. I saw a Kabuki play, enjoyed the Christmas illuminations and continue to adapt myself to the Japan way.

Tokyo Impressions (part 2/2)

Second part of my article about my first impressions of Tokyo. The weekend went well. The weather having cleared a bit, it allowed me to see Tokyo in a different light. I also met Michiko, Japanese living in Chiba, a town about 2 hours from Tokyo. I corresponded with Michiko for several weeks via internet before coming to Japan.

Tokyo Impressions (Part 1/2)

First week in Tokyo. The flight went well, although it seemed a little long at the end. 11:30 flight, it’s not an easy task. The 8-hour time difference with France were felt, especially at the beginning of the week. The weather was cloudy almost everyday. The hotel is very simple (tatami and futon), but I did not encounter many people. Despite my (few) hours of learning, I have some difficulty for speaking Japanese. These first few days have left me a strange feeling. Between familiarity, originality and solitude.

Travel in Japan

Since 3, 4 years, the idea of going on a long journey after my studies kept running through my head. Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, here are the destinations I had in mind.


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À propos

Claire Blumenfeld. La trentaine. Passionnée de nature, voyages et découvertes. J’observe le monde, la vie autour. Je cherche des réponses sur moi-même. Entre carnets, photos, vidéos et notes, voici les chapitres de ma vie. Le récit de mes errances.

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Claire Blumenfeld. Thirty years old. Passionate about nature, travel and discovery. I observe reality, seeking answers about the world and myself. Between dispatches, photos, videos and notes, here are the chapters of my life. The story of my wanderings.


Claire Blumenfeld. Thirty years old. Passionate about nature, travel and discovery. I observe reality, seeking answers about the world and myself. Between dispatches, photos, videos and notes, here are the chapters of my life. The story of my wanderings.