In the heights of Gap stands a small plateau with the air of paradise. A mixed atmosphere floats in the air. A smell of Provence mixed with the atmosphere of the Hautes-Alpes. A rest of lavender. A steep mountain. The clear sun. Snow in December. In front, the view on the Céüse mountain, on the left, the mountains of Champsaur, on the right, the Baronnies and behind, the Dévoluy. A landscape of paradise. A still relatively wild place, dotted with small paths, large spaces, gorges, contrasting shapes. Forms that fascinate me. I try to open my eyes and see. Really see the landscape. See beyond the simple landscape. See the design of the rocks, the paintings of the elements, the palette of creation of living things. These photos are only the preamble to a photographic work maturing in my mind. A work on material and observation. To be continued.