VII. Metamorphosis

Towards an ethical and sustainable future

In progress since 27th of August 2020 – France

A year of cycling through France to discover lifestyles based on ecology and well-being. A year of learning and enrichment through volunteering, woofings, short training courses, participatory projects centered on three approaches that particularly interest me, permaculture, herbalism and eco-construction.

Keywords: transition, resilience, permaculture, ecology, transformation, herbalism, eco-construction, low tech, zero-waste, cycling, learning.

Info and location

On the road since August 25, 2020, with 53 days of travel and 5 stages completed.

  1. Wwoofing in permaculture within the Expérimenthe farm – Normandy – 2 weeks – September 2020
  2. Volunteering one co-construction in slaked lime and earth plasters and cork insulation – Brittany – 2 weeks – September 2020
  3. Wwoofing in dismantling of yurts in La Frênaie – Charente-Maritime – 2 weeks – October 2020
  4. Wwoofing in harvests and transformations on a family farm – Haute-Vienne – 2 weeks – October 2020
  5. Wwoofing in organic market gardening on living soil – Alsace – 6 weeks – November, December 2020

Transition tales

Discoveries and learning in farms, eco-places, training centers and other places in transition. I seek through meeting and exchange to learn from those who are in the field, to train myself through practice and transmission of knowledge, to discover the initiatives put in place and to reflect on the possible alternatives to our current way of life.

Keywords: volunteering, nature, environment, ecology, autonomy, alternatives, sustainable future, ethical values, disconnection, collapse, solidarity, mutual aid, imaginations.

Initiation dispatches

Learning is at the heart of my journey and I am discovering new ways of life through the practice of permaculture, herbalism and eco-construction. I seek to record the knowledge and skills acquired as well as to reflect on the concepts of resilience, autonomy and transition.


Permaculture and eco culture

Keywords: resilience, global concept, ecosystems, food autonomy, ethics, market gardening, agroecology, biomimicry, systems, multi-uses, design, observation.


Medicinal, aromatic and wild plants

Keywords: plants, medicinal, aromatic, simple, bio-indicators, health, care, environment, infusion, wild picking, transformation, ancestral practice.


Eco-construction and low-tech

Keywords: natural constructions, healthy materials, low tech, energy autonomy, rainwater harvesting, light and mobile habitats, greenhouses.


Lifestyle and well-being

Keywords: meditation, tai chi, non-violent communication, zero-waste, zero-plastic, well-being, healthy recipes, sewing, making body and household products, studies, reflections.