My name is Claire Blumenfeld and I’m the author of I am a young French woman of 29 years old, graduated from an Interface Design Master degree in September 2015 in Paris. I am passionate about photography and interested in journalism. Since November 2015, I am traveling around the world.

My little pleasures are quite varied, such as enjoying nutella toasts, watching my favorite TV series in one go, losing myself in the contemplation of clouds, reviewing over and over the Ghibli movies, hiking in nature, discovering new manga masterpieces, enjoying the sun’s caress on my skin, feeling the texture of a book’s pages on my fingers and breathing the atmosphere of movie theaters.

When people ask me: “Where are you from?” I never know what to say. My parents are from Alsace-Lorraine (a French region), but I was born in Melbourne (Australia). I spent my childhood in a little village on the Belgian border, then my adolescence between Lorraine and Provence (French regions). When I left the family cocoon at 18, I went to study in the Pyrenees, Alpes-Maritimes and Paris (also French regions).

With my parents we have always traveled a lot, whether in Europe or around the world. The feeling of belonging to a specific place, it’s not really me. The question of identity, who I am, where I come from is a big interrogation point for me.

I am a very curious person who loves to make new experiences and discover new places permanently. I speak French, English and some Japanese. I like to think that I am a “multipotentialite” as Emilie Wapnick says very nicely.

After finishing my studies, I decided to combine curiosity, travel, photography and design and to go discover the world. I created peregrinusmundi (which means “traveler of the world” in Latin) to share my discoveries, photos and impressions.

I consider this website as a mix of travelogue, portfolio and showcase of my skills. So far I have spent six months in Japan, six weeks in Australia, 1 year in New Zealand and I am now back in Australia. I’m not sure where I’m going but I know I’m in the right direction!




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