The current chapter

VI. A step towards future

After five years of traveling, I am back in France with the will to jump into the future. The first step for that is the creation of content reflecting my skills and intended for applications in the Wildlife Filmmaking Course at the University of Bristol and in European Information Media agencies.

The latest stories :

The previous chapters

Picking blueberries in Finland. Sleeping inside locals houses in Morocco. Marvel at the Rio Carnival. Jump in autumn leaves in Czech Republic. Remembrances that dot my memory. Memories of travels from my childhood. Travelling is part of me. My parents gave me the taste. I feel nomadic. I need to move. Since November 2015, I left on a journey, traveling. Here or somewhere else. As time goes by, I create my adventure.

Return to simplicity through physical exertion across Scotland and Iceland. 5 months.

Awareness and a winter season in Chamonix. 7 months.

The photographs

A sunset on the Mont-Blanc, some young girls in kimonos, the atmosphere of a misty hike on the Kepler Track, two Kookaburras on a wire, paragliders parading in the sky or the wild landscapes of Iceland. Discover my travels through a selection of my best photographs from around the globe.

The thoughts

Since I started traveling the world, I have discovered many things and opened my eyes to others. Several themes are starting to come back more and more often in my writings. The relationship to travel, ecology, the evolution of the world and the planet, the protection of fauna and flora, the problem of mass tourism. These are the subjects that interest me and on which I aspire to reflect.