Claire. Almost thirty.
In search of answers and her self.

Sitting on the shoulders of giants, I contemplate the universe. I observe reality.
But what does it mean? What is the truth? What is consciousness? And who am I? 
So I travel. And I try to understand.
Between photos, reflections and travel journals,
here is the story of my wanderings.

Claire. Almost thirty.
In search of answers and her self.

Sitting on the shoulders of giants, I contemplate the universe. I observe reality.
But what does it mean? What is the truth? What is consciousness? And who am I? 
So I travel. And I try to understand.
Between photos, reflections and travel journals,
here is the story of my wanderings.

The chapters

Chapter 5: Back to simplicity
Chapter 4: learning awareness
Chapter 3: The beginning of the reflection
Chapter 2: The escape
Chapter 1: The beginnings

Camping sauvage dans les Highlands - Écosse - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 5:
Back to simplicity

While I thought I had begun to understand what interested me, a big interrogation point arrives right on the day of my thirty years old birthday. I abandon some projects to get started on others and try to find simplicity and calmness of mind. I go on Scottish hiking trails and across Iceland on my bike to confront nature and try to find the answers that haunt me for several years.

ItalyScotland – Iceland – 5 months – June 2019 to October 2019
// In progress //

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The Old Man of Storr - Skye - Scotland - © Claire Blumenfeld

Photos – Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye, located in northwestern Scotland, is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides archipelago. The end of my trip to Scotland being close, I could only enjoy four days on the island to discover its rugged coastline and its mountain scenery.

Trotternish Ridge - Skye - Écosse - © Claire Blumenfeld

Just a few days on Skye

The end of my five weeks in Scotland is near. After the Outer Hebrides, I have only four days left to enjoy the Isle of Skye. I take this opportunity to go for day hikes along the Skye Trail.

Chamonix - France - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 4:
Learning awareness

Facing a general tiredness, I returned to France with the idea of doing a winter season in Chamonix in restauration. Learn. Work your way up. Continue to travel. But the depression I’ve been dragging for years explodes overflowing my mind. I am feeling myself falling. I do not know who I am and what I really want. I spend several difficult months and then I start thinking, exploring my mind.

France – 8 months – October 2018 to May 2019

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Sea of clouds - Chamonix - France - © Claire Blumenfeld

Summary of my stay in Chamonix

Focus about the Chamonix experience and what it allowed me to understand. Why I give up hospitality jobs (or not), my idea for the next five months and what I’m planning for the future.

Hobart - Tasmania - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 3:
The beginning of the reflection

Financial problems preventing me from going around Asia, I go to Australia with the desire to work hard for 6 months. But my first job turns into a disaster and I find myself a little lost. I have the impression of losing sight of my future. I face difficulties and cross Australia in a strange state filled with questions, flashes and depression.

Australia – 1 year and 3 months – July 2017 to September 2018

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Whitehaven Beach - Whitsundays - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

My last road trip in Australia

After leaving Mount Buller, I have three short weeks left to visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. I head for Airlie Beach and tour the Australian countryside before enjoying the extraordinary scenery of the Whitsundays Islands and the Barrier Reef.

Mt Buller - Victoria - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

Lost in the clouds

After Tasmania, I go back on the continent to head for Mt Buller, one of Australia’s most famous ski resorts. Yes, there are some mountains high enough in Australia to receive snow. They are called the “Australian Alps”.

Exploring Tasmania

Four months in Tasmania. For discover one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Well, in reality with the work (supervisor at Costa Tasmania during the raspberry season then vegetable picker at Premium Fresh), I only had about a month. But is was a beautiful month.

Queentsown - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 2:
The escape

After a half-hearted trip to Japan, I do not plan to return home and fly to New Zealand. I undertake a different journey made of lot of work, learning and discoveries. The landscapes are very beautiful and I also take the opportunity to go on multi-days hikes. I have the impression of fleeing the future while being almost serene in this country on the other side of the world.

New Zealand – 1 year – June 2016 to June 2017

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My last two months in New Zealand

So here I am, installed at Trevelyan’s campsite. Gonna spend six weeks packing kiwis to get some money for my next trip to Asia. I take advantage of my free weekend to meet the other young people living in the house. A dozen people from all over the world.

Focus: New Zealand – North Island

A selection of the best photographs I took during my past year wandering around New Zealand lands.
The photographs are accompanied by a legend evoking a memory. Here is my selection for the North Island.

April on the North Island

Back in Wellington, I spend a few days with Niels (and his wife), whom I met during my work in Te Anau several months earlier. They live in Plimmerton, a chic suburb of Wellington, about thirty minutes by train from the center. The main purpose of my visit to Wellington is to make an appointment with a nose specialist to settle my sinus infection that I have been carrying for several months.

Tokyo - Japan - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 1:
The beginnings

Blending technology and ancient traditions, Japan is a land of contrasts that has attracted me since my youth. Mid 2015, at the end of several years of studies that leave me with questions for the future, I decided to leave alone on a trip across the country. I wander through Kyushu, Honshu, Okinawa, Shikoku. And faces the difficulties of comprehension and the weight of history.

Japan – 6 months – November 2015 to April 2016

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Last days in Japan

After 10 days in the heart of nature, the return to civilization is a shock to me. It’s almost too noisy and lively. But my stay in Japan is coming to an end. I have barely a week left before leaving the land of the rising sun. So I enjoy wandering around and going to the Ghibli Museum.

Wwoofing at Goka farm

After TYK Hanami, I spent next ten days doing wwoofing in Goka Farm, a Japanese family living in a remote mountain valley not far from Mt Fuji. They decided to live in self-sufficiency, trying to depend as little as possible on the government and respecting nature. An experience full of discoveries.

Taking part in TYK Hanami

Back to Tajimi to take part in the TYK hanami. I find the team that I left a few weeks ago for a last evening with everyone. It gives me pleasure to spend time with my “colleagues” again.

Narawntapu National Park - Tasmania - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

Learn a little more

For years I have been thinking. I have always thought a lot. Probably too much since the beginning. And I do not know if I’m really thinking or deluding myself.

Still, at the end of 2015, I started a journey to try to find answers about my place in the universe, on what the future was holding for me. Yes, on all of that. The answers did not fall from the sky but I changed. A little. I hope. While traveling, I discovered many things about myself, about my relationship with the planet and nature, about openness to consciousness. I also lost sight of my needs and let my fears obscure my mind.

Peregrinus Mundi was a simple blog at the beginning but today I want this website to support a long-term project. This project focuses on three goals: – Study my development and reflection through my quest to get out of depression and find out who I am – Confirm that I am able to successfully complete a creative project – Start to approach in a documentary way my travels by reflecting on ecological and humanitarian themes.

So it’s a work in progress. In permanent evolution. It changes according to my discoveries, my failures, my openness to consciousness and reality. It’s a travel diary, a story, a tale, with photos and videos, a chronicle, a documentary. With poetry maybe. Transpiring my desires, my needs and what I want to learn and discover. Or it’s my ego speaking alone. An illusion. A gibberish with no end. You choose.

For now I am in Chapter 5. It is a confrontation between hiking and cycling across Italy, Scotland, Iceland and France to try to find the answers that haunt me for several years.

– Claire, June 10th, 2019