or the beauty of a traditional Japanese festival.

After TYK, I went back to Takayama to see the famous Takayama Matsuri dedicated to the celebration of spring and good harvests. From 14 to 15 April, on the occasion of the Sannô festival, each Takayama district presents a decorated float or Yatai which parades in a long procession around the Hie-Jinja sanctuary.

Yatai, mobile kiosks dazzling with colors and decorations are a delight for the eyes. The city buzzes with kimono and traditional costumes everywhere. On the town hall square, a puppet show on a Yatai takes place. And in the evening the floats adorn themselves with bright lanterns for a magical effect through the night. An event not to be missed and certainly one of the most beautiful things I saw during my stay in Japan.