Where I take the opportunity to finish my visits and not miss the long-awaited appointment with the Ghibli museum.

After 10 days in the heart of nature, the return to civilization is a shock to me. It’s almost too noisy and lively. But my stay in Japan is coming to an end. I have barely a week left before leaving the land of the rising sun. Although I have a visa for one year, after six months spent traveling I want something else. There are so many things I love in this country but so many others that I do not understand and that make me feel uncomfortable. And then I feel lonely. The language barrier is too big and I can not overcome it. Rather than stubbornly stay, I decided to go elsewhere. In this case, Australia. Six weeks including three with my parents to go explore my country of birth.

Meanwhile I spend my last days visiting Enoshima, a tiny island not far from Tokyo and wander in the capital. With cherry blossoms, my vision of the city is different.

And finally, one of the main objectives of my trip, I go to the Ghibli museum!! It is there in the Mitaka district, the building where the vast majority of my favorite films have been portrayed. Hayao Miyazaki is probably not far away. I am excited like a flea when I arrive on the scene and the emotion overwhelms me when I see the small figurines of Totoro or the robots of Laputa. Images of the movies come back to me in waves. So much memories !! I walk several times the museum, taking pleasure in walking in the scenery, dazzled before the ton of preparatory drawings hanging on the walls. The beauty of the drawings leaves me speechless. If I could I would buy them all. I also go to the screening of special short films visible only at the museum. Despite the fact that there are no subtitles, it is an absolute happiness. Break at the little cafe and stop at the souvenir shop to empty my wallet of the few yen I have left. What a visit! But a disappointment remains across my throat: it’s too short! And there is not enough content !! In just two hours I went around. I was expecting something a little more consistent. In addition photos are prohibited inside. Well, it’s like that. I was finally able to set foot in the famous Ghibli museum.

At the end of April, I leave Tokyo with a heartache and a feeling of freedom. Maybe I was not ready enough for Japan. Not mature enough to accept and overcome difficulties. And then traveling alone for the first time in a country like Japan is a big test. I half succeeded. My stay in Japan changed me and made me want to continue traveling. So I will follow this path that opens before me and when I grew up, when I will have the desire again, when I will feel ready again, I will come back to Japan. It’s certain. There is so much to discover and understand that my trip to this country is just beginning.

Mata ne ! (See you!)

Enoshima - Japan - © Claire Blumenfeld