In Camargue, in winter, there are big waders with pink wings in the marshes or in the sky. The Greater Flamingo is the representative bird of the Rhone delta. It is visible all year round, but it is in winter, during the courtship, that the bird is tinged with a pretty rosy parure. With its long legs, its enormous neck, its strange beak and its colorful feathers, it is a fascinating bird to watch. Its forms and attitudes are conducive to abstract experimentation and I sought to work on a simple and poetic creation illustrating its behavior. Not having large material means (I do not have a telephoto lens), I kept it simple. I observed the bird closely at the Pont du Gau Ornithological Park and further afield all over the marshes. 

Filmed in Camargue with a Lumix G7 camera
Music: Motion by Barry Hudson-Taylor