In the summer of 2019 I spent three months in Iceland. I traveled the country on foot and by bicycle, confronting the elements and the difficulty. The Icelandic environment has nothing to do with that of Europe and it was a discovery of every instant. Wind and rain make up the Icelandic climate but I was lucky, August was relatively beautiful. I crossed the country by bicycle, stopping for multi-days hikes. Iceland is an island not very fertile, but with a very special atmosphere. The landscapes are extraordinary, both very beautiful and very inhospitable. The environments are mainly desert with very few trees. Lava flows are ubiquitous and crossing kilometers of fossilized lava covered in neon green moss has something of an unreal experience. My bicycle trip was physically difficult. And the permanent presence of tourists in too large proportion greatly played on my mind. But the beauty of the landscapes and the will to surpass myself allowed me to overcome the difficulties in order to accomplish an unforgettable trip.