IV. Home spleen home

In the flakes of disillusion

Back in France after a feeling of “burn-out”, I spend seven months working in Chamonix in hospitality. Fall. Winter. Spring. Autumn is magnificent and I take the opportunity to go on many hikes in the valley, fascinated by the Mont-Blanc massif and the surroundings. The work in the restaurant is interesting at the beginning but the end of the year is very difficult. A large number of tourists and organizational and management problems make the days extremely exhausting. The depression that I have dragged for years explodes in my face and I endure several difficult months at the start of 2019. After a long black hole, I start to think and explore my mind in search of a way to a better state of mind.
Keywords: catering, tourism, Chamonix, snow, autumn, winter, depression, mountains, magnificent landscapes, personal reflection.

Nine months – October 2018 to July 2019 – France and Italy


The Vallée Blanche, Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld

The Alps

The Alps are a very large mountain range with diversified relief spanning across Europe.

Interval in Provence

After seven months in Chamonix, I returned to Provence to visit my parents and prepare my next travels.

A breath of Spring

End of my stay in Chamonix. Spring is back, I find motivation again and I take the opportunity to do a few activities.

The black hole

The first months of 2019 are difficult. Winter is passing in Chamonix and I am facing depression.

In the arms of winter

The good weather has passed, the tourists are back in the streets of Chamonix and my morale is playing hide and seek.

Lac Blanc, Aiguilles Rouges massif, Chamonix valley, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Enchanted hikes

The Chamonix valley is ideal for hiking and I take advantage of the perfect weather to explore it.


South Tyrol, Italy © Claire B. - Please do not use without authorization

Glimpses of the Italian Tyrol

At the beginning of June 2019 I embarked on the exploration of the Dolomites. But personal problems forced me to shorten my trip. Here are some photos from my week in Italy.

Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld

An autumn in Chamonix

The autumn season in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley is a festival of beautiful colors.