Travel journals and transition tales towards an ethical and sustainable future

My name is Claire Blumenfeld and I have been running Peregrinus Mundi since 2015. This site follows the evolution of my life in the form of chapters. Chapters I to VI mainly present travel journals and photographs. Chapter VII follows my transition process towards a lifestyle based on ecology and well-being through three approaches that greatly interest me, permaculture, herbalism and eco-construction.

Nature and beauty – part 2

Observation, poetry and naturalism. I continue to observe nature and its intrinsic beauty.

During summer 2020 in France, I walk through parts of the Devoluy and Vercors ranges. The meadows and mountain pastures are filled with flowers and insects, each more beautiful than the other. I continue my observation started in Chamonix and seek through close-up photography of shapes and details to reveal the beauty of nature all around us.

Wild garlic, Common chicory and Great masterwort

Dandelion's pappus and Great masterwort

Paradisea liliastrum

Hairy caterpillar

Martagon lily and a Male juvenile Barbitiste fischeri on an Aster


14 August 2020

Texts and photographs by Claire Blumenfeld


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Greater flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Pink feathers

Pink, red and white. Poetic impressions about the Flamingo of Camargue.

Greater flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Flamingo ballet

Movements of a colony of Greater Flamingos illustrated through rhythm and repetition.

Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Land of nature and men

What is Camargue? How have history and human exploitation shaped this deltaic plain? And what are the current challenges for the natural environment?

An artic fox - Hornstrandir - Iceland - © Claire Blumenfeld


Wild animals are a source of discovery and permanent inspiration.

Greater flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld


Early January, I note the increase in belligerent behavior between Greater Flamingos and wonder about their mimicry.

Greater flamingos in Camargue, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Greater Flamingos

Aesthetic appearance, courtship displays, large colonies, Greater Flamingos are special birds.

Chamonix, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Changes to come

The end of the confinement is looming and I return to Provence with questions in my head.

Dévoluy, France © Claire Blumenfeld

Rays of light

Summer stretches between heat, walks and questions and my future branches off towards a new direction.

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