Travel in Japan

Since 3, 4 years, the idea of going on a long journey after my studies kept running through my head. Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, here are the destinations I had in mind.

I discovered Japanese culture through manga and studio Ghibli movies, around my fifteen years. What a discovery! I think I’ve never fully recovered to see Spirited Away or The Grave of the Fireflies, or reading Monster by Naoki Urasawa (among others).

As the years passed, my interest in Japan grew. I became interested in culture, architecture, monsters and youkai, martial arts, lifestyle and Japanese thought. Meanwhile, I devoured thousands of pages of books and manga and watched countless movies and anime.

Then in September 2014, while I began my last year of master, I decided to set up my trip. It is therefore natural that I chose Japan: interest in the culture and country, change of scenery, the desire to push my limits and confront my imagination with reality.

Voila. My mind was set. In a year, it was off to Japan. This required that I start to get organized. As I wanted to stay a year, I sought about a visa that allows me to stay as long. By searching the Internet, I came across After peeling the site and the Japan section, I was convinced. It was exactly what I needed! So I decided to apply for a working holiday Visa.

The Working Holiday Program (WHP) or Working Holiday Visa (WHV) gives the opportunity to young people of fifty nationalities to leave for a year or two abroad for a cultural and tourist discovery while being allowed to work to finance their trip.


The visa application requires a little bit of work and seriousness since we must write a letter explaining the interest in Japan and fill a form “Stay Program” detailing our stay in Japan. But the game is worth the candle!

In parallel, I took Japanese lessons with a private teacher. So that i can be able to gabble some sentences and understand when people talk to me! The language is surprisingly easy and complicated at the same time! Well there’s still three alphabets to master including one with more than 2,000 characters (and again I speak only of the identified officials characters). In return, none of the verbs are conjugated. It’s already that :). In any case, these few months of learning allowed me to learn the basics.

My master’s degree and my visa in the pocket in September 2015, I set my departure date to November 8 and started planning my trip.

At the time of this writing, the departure is at hand and I finalize my luggage and program!

Let’s go for the adventure !

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