Intérieur du Sanjûsangen-dô - Kyoto – Trouvé sur Google

After Takayama Matsuri I headed back to Kyoto and its amazing atmosphere (but full of tourists) for another week to explore the city. Rather than describe my five-day visit to Kyoto, which would be very long and not necessarily the most interesting, I made a photographic selection of the places and things that have struck me most during this week full of wonder.

Sanjûsangen-dô and its 1001 statues and the Ponto-cho area

Kiyomizu-dera temple

Kodai-ji temple and et its small bamboo forest

Animations and Hanami at Yasaka sanctuary and Maruyama park

Danse show in front of Heian sanctuary

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Arachiyama et sa bambouseraie

The temple of the Golden Pavilion

Ryoan-ji temple gardens

Shimogamo jinja sanctuary

The silver pavilion temple and the Path of philosophy

Shinbashi-dori road

Some food experimentations



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