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Six weeks in Australia

or the first experience of my country of birth.

After six months in Japan, I decided to spend six weeks in Australia before heading to New Zealand. So I left Tokyo and landed several hours later in Sydney with a horrible skull ache (the beginning of my sinus problems). Sitting at a terrace I found my parents, arrived a day earlier. This is the first time I set foot in my country of birth. I was born in Melbourne on June 7, 1989 while my parents were doing a Ph.D. For years we had talked about going to Australia but it never happened. Distance, time and money put us in the wheel. But with my trip, my parents decided a month ago to take a vacation and organize a road trip in the country.

We spend a few days in Sydney wandering around the city, the Opera and the port. Then we rent a campervan and here we go, swallowing the miles across the state of New South Wales. We wandered through the Blue Mountains and the Outback trying to trace my parents’ footsteps 26 years ago.




Sounds of Australia : Birds in the trees


After a week we arrived in the Victoria state to spend a week in Melbourne. My parents show me the hospital where I was born, the house where they lived, the neighborhoods they surveyed. Many things have changed and they have a little trouble finding the atmosphere of the years ago.

The journey of my parents coming to an end, we go back to Sydney along the coast. They are returning to France. And I stay with a friend for 3 more weeks. I take this opportunity to attend the Vivid festival, sounds and lights festival held every year in Sydney. It’s pretty impressive. And then I take the time to organize my arrival in New Zealand. The days go by and I am already at the doors of the plane.





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