On the shores of Lake Te Anau

Do not rely on appearances, the vast majority of the time in Te Anau, it’s a bad weather. Especially this year. According to the inhabitants, this summer is particularly bad. For four months I’ve been here (I landed in October), I saw a whole bunch of sky scrolling with incredible gray variations. I experienced fine rain, torrential rain, hail and even snow. I was cold, very cold, pierced by gusts of wind so strong they can uproot the trees of the forest behind the campsite where I live. And sometimes, at fleeting moments, I saw the sun appears. It’s not quite the summer I was expecting. But when the sun finally deigns to show its nose, life takes on a different color.

Life in Te Anau is quiet. The small village that mainly lives of tourism, stretches along the shores of Lake Te Anau bordering the Fiordland National Park. On one side, meadows with sheep. On the other, mountains covered with New Zealand beeches. The lake seems to mark the delimitation between civilization and wild life. In Te Anau there are many hotels and campsites, a few restaurants, including one named The Fat Duck, a whole pack of tourist agencies selling cruises in Milford Sound and Doudtful Sound (the two main fjords in the area), one helicopter and one seaplane offering flights of one hour at prices so expensive that you become blind only by seeing them, a library with the best wifi in New Zealand and a tiny trout observatory. There’s lots to do. Unless you are adept of nightclubs or nightlife. That, you will not find in Te Anau.

I bought myself a cheap bike that serves me as a faithful mount permanently. He’s my best friend. Except that he’s squeaks like hell when I pedal, but that’s alright. We go on walks around when the weather deigns to be beautiful for more than an hour, he brings me and takes me back from the restaurant where I work in the evenings and he serves me as muscles to carry my bags of food when I go shopping in the only supermarket of the area.

Life is beautiful … despite the shabby weather.

Te Anau - Fiordland - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

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