Self-service horse poo

Horse poo self-service on the roadside. For only two dollars you have the right to a large bag filled with animal excreta to serve as fertilizer for your garden. It is cheap, biodegradable and chemical free.

Today it is beautiful weather. That changes me from the last ten days with catastrophic weather. I take the opportunity to go cycling around the village. The sign is located on the roadside behind the tiny industrial area. Every day, the little boy of the farm nearby recovers with his shovel and wheelbarrow the droppings of the horse grazing in his small enclosure. It is a highly productive horse ! I do not know if the business is profitable, but given the number of farms and gardens in the area, I think there must be buyers.

There are signs with fertilizers, vegetables or farm products in self-service all around New Zealand. This reminds me of Japan where it was also the case. I am always amazed by the confidence people have in leaving their products unattended. In Te Anau, despite the hordes of tourists from all over the world, the locals do not tie their bicycles or leave the doors of their houses unlocked. This feeling of calm and confidence is very pleasant.

Te Anau - Fiordland - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

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