Kelsie stopped, her eyes fixed on a ball of spades at the foot of a shrub. Jessica’s dog, one of the cooks in Arkaroola’s kitchen spotted an Echidna !! It was a good thing to take her on a ride with me. This is the first time I see, in flesh and bone, the little ball that resembles a porcupine. She seems to rest in the shade, her little elongated snout quivering slightly at my approach.

The Flinders Ranges in South Australia are home to a variety of birds, kangaroos, emus, lizards, snakes, echidna, etc. Around Arkaroola, the birds (parrots, hawks, fairy-wren, wedge-tailed eagle, crested pigeons, magpies and others sing their beautiful melody constantly. The great attraction of the moment are the Emus. The females gave birth a few months ago to the little ones and it is now time for the Papas to take care of them. A dozen emus male with several babies (ranging from four to more than ten) are wandering on the grounds of the caravan park and with their striped plumage and a somewhat awkward gait, the little ones melt the hearts of tourists and members of the staff, myself included.

And then there are the Kangaroos: Gray kangaroo, Wallabies, Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies, you have the choice. In the shelter in the hills, they do not have too much to fear about cars. The Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby, of small size and with its yellow-furred tail and arms is the favorite. People come mostly to Arkaroola to see the animal. You just have to walk along the creeks at dusk and you will see one every hundred meters! Apparently there would even be a white wallaby! A picture of the animal hangs behind the reception of Arkaroola. But its appearance is very rare. He did not show up for me. It will be for another time.

And for the Emus lover :

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