Amy and I enjoy some free time to concoct energy balls. Small energy bars of round shape and full of good things. Outside the staff room, the village lives quietly among the hills. The temperature begins to rise reaching already 30°C in the middle of September. Around Greenwood Lodge, Quandong trees display their pretty red fruit in the heat of the sun. Once ripe, the fruit can be eaten raw or, more traditionally, turned into jam. I had the opportunity to taste it and it’s pretty good. Although very small, the Quandong fruit is very nutritious and contains twice the amount of Vitamin C of an orange.

In the heat of the late afternoon, the cicadas intone their concert of screeching. Perched at the Dodwell Observatory, on a hill at the back of the village, I observe the life of the village unfold around me. Mark returns from his afternoon tour, the Ridgetop tour, a 4×4 ride through the lands of Arkaroola (very popular for tourists). Some wallabies jump in the bushes in front of me in search of food. Newcomers settle quietly in their respective accommodations. A barbecue smell floats from the caravan park. The pool attracts birds and young people in search of refreshment. And the staff prepares the restaurant for the coming evening.

Life in the village is mostly very quiet and peaceful. But between my work at the reception, behind the bar, serving at the restaurant, helping in the kitchen and cleaning the rooms I do not have the time to get bored. The arrival of a tour group or a motorcycle rally adds some animation. One of the most memorable events during my stay in Arkaroola was the landing of a hundred bikers on postie bike. The group was on a four-day motorcycle ride to raise money to build hospitals in the area. It was a memorable evening.

The light of the early evening illuminates the surroundings with a warm color. I find it hard to take my eyes off my observation. The area is so beautiful and the atmopshere is so peaceful! When I decided to come here, three months ago, I had no idea what the place was going to offer me. Well, I must say that on the environmental side, Arkaroola is probably one of the most beautiful corners of Australia. And despite communication problems that forced me to leave my job in Arkaroola (at the time of writing, I have left the place*), if I have the opportunity, I would like to come back someday!

* Due to communication problems, with the manager and some staff members, that were becoming too important, I decided to leave. the decision was hard to make given that I loved the place a lot and that I liked the work but the situation made me too unhappy. So I had to leave Arkaroola.

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