The whiteness of the lake dazzles me. On both sides of the plane is a vast, shimmering white expanse. Lake Frome is a large salt lake located to the east of the Northern Flinders Ranges. Because it only rains very rarely in the area, the lake is generally dry and covered with a film of salt. Sometimes when it rains a little, ponds of brackish water give rise to pinkish hues.

Doug’s voice, the pilot of the plane and owner of Arkaroola, echoes in my ears. Despite the headphones, the purring of the plane is everywhere. Only three passenger seats in the small plane that serves as transportation. Between me and the outside, a thin metallic coating. The landscapes of Arkaroola, located to the north of the Flinders Ranges pass before my eyes. The lake on the right, the mountains on the left, and in the middle a vast plain almost desert. There are some signs of human presence in the region: dirt tracks. From the sky, the landscape is a collection of fascinating motifs.

I was lucky to be able to embark on the longest scenic flights proposed by the Resort. A 1h30 flight above Lake Frome and the mountains that make up Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. The two other passengers (a very lovely couple) and I marvel at each moment. Difficult to not react at such sight. Back on the ground, everyone helps to store the plane in the tiny hangar serving as Arkaroola Airstrip Terminal.

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