West Coast in picture. Lake Matheson and Fox Glacier

Day 3.

Lake Matheson is a must-see for anyone visiting Fox Glacier. Or this is what the brochure of the visits not to be missed on the West Coast says. The place offers a perfect reflection of the Southern Alps and Mount Cook in the distance that has attracted the crowds since the first settlers arrived in the area. Dawn and dusk are the best times of the day to contemplate the postcard because it is during these times that the water of the lake is immobile.

I went to see at the end of the day and the night was beginning to fall and indeed the reflection was perfect. But what was almost more interesting was the cries of the birds on the lake and yet almost invisible, hidden among the grass along the shore. A few Pukekos (a sort of big water hen) shown themselves nonetheless, small blue and red stains in the darkness.

The next day I went to see Fox Glacier. A path leads from the village to the glacier, winding through the rainforest. Compared to the Mackenzie area where I was a few days ago (where Mont Cook is located), green color is predominant here. It is almost dazzling. The path then sinks into the glacial valley delimited by large vertical walls to arrive a few meters from the beginning of the glacier. This one has shrunk for several years and lacks a little bit of panache.


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West Coast in Picture presents the places that most marked or interested me during my journey across the West Coast.

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After Paringa Lake, direction Fox Glacier in the West Coast area called Glacier Country. I arrived at the small village at the end of the day under a sky full of clouds.

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