West Coast in picture. Hokitika

Day 6.

The shelter was a blessing. It rained all night. I push back the time of my departure hoping that the rain stops but it is not the case. At 11am I decide to leave. The worse cas scenario, being soaking wet. Hokitika is only about forty kilometers away, it is not to bad. As I begin to store my stuff, a gentleman walking his little dog, offers to drop me! No worries, he can put the bike in his campervan, it pleases him!

Margaret and Neill, are two elderly Kiwis living in Rotorua on the North Island traveling on the South Island. Their little dog Henry all wet but not embarrassed in the least, wanders in the cockpit while we drive. We exchange on the politics and history of New Zealand. They are very nice. When Neill learned that I worked in Te Anau, in Fiordland, he congratulates me. For him, this is the heart of New Zealand. Having worked in Te Anau for a long time was the best thing to do, in his opinion, to understand the identity of the country.

We arrive at Hokitika under a sky almost uncovered. The rain stopped. Finally. We share a meal on the beach (very kindly offered by Margaret) and they offer me to spend a few days at their home when I’m in Rotorua! I left them a little regretfully (they even offered me to drop me off in Greymouth but I wanted to visit Hokitika and as I have a bike I must use it).

I set up my tent all wet at the campsite outside the city. I planned to go back to the beach for the sunset but when I leave, it begins to rain again! In 5 minutes, I’m soaked. I just go visit the Glowworms dell, a small dark hollow by the side of the road where there is a colony of glowworms.

Hokitika - West Coast - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

Hokitika - West Coast - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld


West Coast in Picture presents the places that most marked or interested me during my journey across the West Coast.

My ride

From Lake Ianthe, a couple of Kiwis drives me to Hokitika. With the rain I give up visiting Hokitika Gorge, 33 km away from the village. In the end I will not see much of the area. An appointment a little missed.


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