West Coast in picture. Greymouth

Day 7.

I leave Hokitika under a cloudy weather. Just two hours to reach Greymouth, a small town a little bigger than the others. I walk along the coast on a pleasant bike path filled with smells, a mixture of sea scents and a fragrance of flowers. The sun is back. I dried all my belongings at the small campsite, I feel good.

Greymouth seems to be living in slow motion, stuck in its legacy based on the gold rush that stirred the entire region during the 19th century. At 5pm exactly, all shops close. Riding the West Coast does not prevent small pleasures, I spend the evening at the cinema. Only another person in the room for the screening of Kong: Skull Island. The film is nothing extraordinary but it was entertaining. I go out for the sunset that dyes the horizon of red. A kind of plenitude invaded me.

Greymouth - West Coast - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld


West Coast in Picture presents the places that most marked or interested me during my journey across the West Coast.

My ride

Short drive from Hokitika to Greymouth to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the company of the sun that is back.


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