West Coast in picture. Franz Josef Glacier

Day 4.

In Franz Joseph the weather is a torrential rain. This does not prevent a visit of the glacier which under the covered weather offers a vision probably more interesting. The path follows the valley for forty minutes. With a length of 12 kilometers, the glacier drops almost at sea level. As for Fox Glacier, it has also narrowed over the years.

A hole in the cloud mass just above the glacier gives it a magnetic aura. It seems to glow. A large white mass descending from the mountains. Its size, even by far is impressive. At the end of the trail, the small observation point is swept by wind and rain. Difficult to stay there for a long time. The mountain looks threatening. But despite the not easy conditions of observation, I have the strange feeling to contemplate the place in the best possible time: the location seems to has a mysterious aura.

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West Coast in Picture presents the places that most marked or interested me during my journey across the West Coast.

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After Fox Glacier, direction Franz Joseph Glacier, another glacier about twenty kilometers away. But I made the journey by bus. Indeed the road climbs hard to pass the Three Sisters, three big steep climbs that I did not had the courage to do by bike.

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