Food comfort

Banana, chocolate and coconut yogurt. This will be my evening meal. Since November 2016, in addition to working during the day as a housekeeper at the Lakeview Holiday Park of Te Anau, I am also waitress during the evening at the Kepler restaurant. Generally the work at the park ends at 4-5h. While restaurant work starts at 6pm. Like you see, few time to rest in between.

The work is interesting. This is the first time I work as a waitress at a restaurant and I like it a lot. The atmosphere is good, the team is nice, the food is delicious and the customers (most of the time) very friendly. The majority come from all over the world and it is always very interesting to exchange on our respective journeys. The problem of this work is that, we waitresses and waiters, don’t have the right to a real meal during our shift. So we nibble the leftovers.

I usually finish at 10:00pm and despite the food leftovers I have pecked a little everywhere, well I’m still hungry. Upon returning to West Arm, the lodge where I live in the park, I prepare a small light dinner. Salad or noodles or like tonight, a little dessert. Banana as fruit, chocolate to cheer me up and since I discovered that, a few spoons of coconut-based yoghurt. It’s supposed to be good for health. The coconut. In any case it does not taste bad. It is not necessarily the healthiest dinner but at least it has the merit to comfort me after a big day of work.

Te Anau - Fiordland - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

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