After Takayama Matsuri I headed back to Kyoto and its amazing atmosphere (but full of tourists) for another week to explore the city. Rather than describe my five-day visit to Kyoto, which would be very long and not necessarily the most interesting, I made a photographic selection of the places and things that have struck me most during this week full of wonder.

Sanjûsangen-dô and its 1001 statues and the Ponto-cho area

Les jardins - Sanjûsangen-dô - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld



Kiyomizu-dera temple



Détails - Temple Kiyomizu-dera - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld


Kodai-ji temple and et its small bamboo forest



Petite bambouseraie du Temple Kodaiji - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld


Animations and Hanami at Yasaka sanctuary and Maruyama park


Danse show in front of Heian sanctuary





Fushimi Inari Taisha


Chemin fait de milliers Torii - Sanctuaire Fushimi Inari Taisha - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld


Arachiyama and its bamboo forest


Bambouseraie d'Arachiyama - Quartier d'Arachiyama - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld


The temple of the Golden Pavilion

Ryoan-ji temple gardens

Shimogamo jinja sanctuary

The silver pavilion temple and the Path of philosophy


Jardin du Ginkaku-ji (Temple du Pavillon d'Argent) - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld


Shinbashi-dori road

Ruelle Shinbashi-dori - Quartier Gion - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld

Some food experimentations

Nikuman de Kyoto (pain fourré) au boeuf et à la bardane (plante) - Kyoto – © Claire Blumenfeld