Back to Tajimi to take part in the TYK hanami. I find the team that I left a few weeks ago for a last evening with everyone. It gives me pleasure to spend time with my “colleagues” again. With the cherry blossom, it is traditional to make a “hanami”, kind of picnic outside usually under a cherry blossom. It is a collective and social event much appreciated by the Japanese.

The evening is quiet and full of good mood. I recount my excursions to Takayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Koya-san. Everyone is very happy to sped time with me. Alas the evening passes too quickly and I go back for a last night in the dormitory of TYK where the very nice owners are very happy to see me again. Tomorrow I head to Mount Fuji for a dozen days in a last wwoofing in Japan.