New Zealand landscapes

Wavy hills, beaches, volcanoes, pastures, snow-capped mountains, fjords, beech and fern forests. And birds. In the country of hobbits, nature is queen. Or what is left of it, because more than half of the country has been cleared by the Maori then by the agricultural and animal exploitation.

Two, three big cities and some small villages dot the country. The rest is composed of sheep, cows and wild nature, relatively little explored. Forests are wet and volcanoes are active. The North Island resembles Tolkien County. The South Island is largely like the Alps and Scandinavian fjords. But the birds are unique and fascinating.

I stayed for a year in New Zealand. From June 2015 to June 2016. There have been ups and downs, difficulties and extraordinary experiences. But what has marked me is an impression of tranquility and feeling of the end of the world. Although largely privatized and therefore quite inaccessible, I took a lot of fun hiking or cycling through New Zealand nature. And to observe the birds. Fiordland, Kea, Tongario, Rotorua, Hobbiton … memories of my year in New Zealand.

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