Discovering Tasmania

The ferry crossing from Melbourne lasted 10 hours. I arrived at night in Devonport, a small port city north of the island. The next day I put my eyes on the landscape around me. Wavy hills, steep mountains, the sea lined with pretty beaches, eucalyptus, palm trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Tasmania, I loved it instantly.

I arrived in March 2018 and stayed there for four months. Four months in Devonport working in raspberry and vegetables fields. Since the beginning of my trip, almost two and a half years ago, it was the first time that I felt good in a town and I would have liked to stay there. Small town, Devonport was perfect for me: close to the sea and mountains, pretty and peaceful, with a cinema, a very nice sports center and a Zambrero (Mexican restaurant making the best burritos in the world), it was paradise.

The nature in Tasmania is beautiful. The island does not really look like Australia. Rather like New Zealand. Many landscapes reminded me of the French Alps or the Fiordland mountains of NZ. With a Tasmanian atmosphere. This nice mix of calm, simplicity and end of the world.

Tasmania is full of beautiful places to visit. In four months I have barely seen half of it. The island is not big compared to the size of Australia but it’s still a big island. In addition to its nature, Tasmania has a significant number of native animals endangered. The beauty of the scenery combined with beautiful hikes, animal watching and a peaceful atmosphere made my stay in Tasmania one of the best memories of my trip. And the sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful.

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