Mount Buller - Victoria - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

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A sunset on the Mont-Blanc range, young girls in kimonos, the atmosphere of a misty hike on the Kepler track, two kookaburras on a wire, paragliders making glides in the sky, etc. Discover my travels through a selection of my best photographs from around the globe.
A selection of my best pictures taken towards the end of winter in Chamonix. The season was difficult for me and I did not manage to enjoy my stay as much as I would have liked. But after several months of reflection I found again a bit of creativity.
After three years abroad, I missed the mountain landscapes of the French Alps. This is one of the things that I felt I was missing the most. When I decided in early August 2018, to return to France for a few months before continuing my trip, coming to Chamonix Mont-Blanc was an obvious decision.
Mount Buller is a small mountain of 1,805 meters. For Australia, it's high mountain. It is also part of the great chain of mountains spreading from Melbourne to Canberra and considered as the Australian Alps.
The ferry crossing from Melbourne lasted 10 hours. I arrived at night in Devonport, a small port city north of the island. The next day I put my eyes on the landscape around me. Wavy hills, steep mountains, the sea lined with pretty beaches, eucalyptus, palm trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Tasmania, I loved it instantly.
Two trips to Australia and a lot of discoveries. From the arid plains of the Flinders Rangers, to Kangaroo Island, the Great Ocean Road, Victoria with Melbourne and Mount Buller, New South Wales, the beautiful landscapes of Tasmania and the beauty of the Whitsundays Islands and the Great Barrier Reef, lots hours spent on the road. But Australia is gigantic. And I saw only a small part.
I stayed one year in New Zealand. From June 2015 to June 2016. There have been ups and downs, difficulties and extraordinary experiences. But what has marked me is an impression of tranquility and piece at the end of the world.
I walk in Kyoto, my eyes dazzled by explosions of colors and varied patterns wandering in front of me. The Kimonos are out. Obi (belt) knotted in pretty knots, Zôri and Tabi (traditional sandals and white socks up to the ankles) and elegant chignons.
Familiarity and strangeness. Technology and traditions. Misunderstanding and wonder. Japan is a country of contrasts. A mad, extraordinary, annoying, amazing country. I spent six months there, from November 2014 to April 2015.