The guarrigue - Provence - France - © Claire Blumenfeld

Introduction on the topics covered in the Research section

Peregrinus Mundi having changed completely since April 2019, I wish to work on a goal that is close to my heart: the publication of research articles on ecological and humanitarian themes around my travels.

During the month of April 2019 and the reconstruction of my site, I focused on what types of articles I wanted to publish, what kind of content I wanted to talk about. How to link my site to my values, my desires today and how to give it depth, interest in terms of reflection and thinking. From this came out four posts ideas: travel diaries to talk about my travels around the world (souvenirs), portfolios to present my photos (artistic creation), articles reflections, kind of diary reflecting on myself (personal) and then research articles focusing on a documentary approach to my travels (reality).

In these articles that I see as essays, investigations, I want to talk about things that are important to me, today: nature, nomadism, ecology, tourism, behaviors and traditions. These are themes that interest me more and more and that I think are very important for the future. Mine, but also that of the planet and society. I also seek through these articles to develop a more professional approach to my writing and to take part or launch ecological and humanitarian projects. The world is changing fast and I think it is important to witness what we see around us, to keep track of it, to understand it and to try to preserve it or to change it into something better. I hope through these articles to be able to convey a thoughtful and interesting message allowing you to rethink the world around you.


In these research articles, I decided to reflect on four major themes:

– the theme of TRAVEL: My approach to travel, what it means to travel, the fundamental differences in relation to tourism, the different ways of traveling, living a nomadic life, the journey in contact with nature, the evolution of the relationship to travel through the ages.

– the theme of what I call the MINDFULLNESS: to live every moment, to be in contact with nature, to look at and understand nature, to learn simple ancestral practices (to heal by plants, to find directions with the sun and the stars, to eat through nature), return to a simple, minimalist and resourceful lifestyle, the connection between mediation, mindfulness, yoga, my body and my mind and the relationship to nature and what it means to be human.

– the ECOLOGICAL theme: The impact of my trip and tourism on nature, climate and environmental changes, responsible travel, living organic, local and without waste, permaculture, the impact of plastic on the environment and the human body, to be part of saving the planet, my possible ideas to try to contribute to a healthy and responsible evolution.

– the theme on TRADITIONS AND BEHAVIORS: The observation of human and animal behavior, keeping track of endangered traditions ad species, studying the impacts of the environment and history on a human or animal population, studying and understanding the relationship between interdependent ecosystems.


Here are my first ideas on what I would like to develop and focus my writing in the coming months. For now I’m not sure where this project will lead me but I hope to succeed in providing you with interesting content. I have always been interested in archeology, documentaries, investigations. Studying the history, the environment, the behaviors to try to understand them and to put them in relation. Since I now have the opportunity, I will therefore follow in the footsteps of my own research.

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