The green lac - Chamonix - France - © Claire Blumenfeld


October 2018 – ongoing
Back in France after three years abroad. First step: a winter season in Chamonix in hospitality. Finding back the French atmosphere and enjoying the snow. A few difficult months in early 2019 followed by a revival of creativity.
A selection of my best pictures taken towards the end of winter in Chamonix. The season was difficult for me and I did not manage to enjoy my stay as much as I would have liked. But after several months of reflection I found again a bit of creativity.
After three years abroad, I missed the mountain landscapes of the French Alps. This is one of the things that I felt I was missing the most. When I decided in early August 2018, to return to France for a few months before continuing my trip, coming to Chamonix Mont-Blanc was an obvious decision.
Gonna be honest, this end of October and beginning of November months, were not the best. Big hours, lots of disappointments at work, stupid troubles with staff people, 10 days straight of bad weather... and as usual a feeling of depression, failure and losing myself.
This week was busy with a huge groupe of about 300 pax coming for 5 days in the hotel. A big group called ICAR : International Commission for Alpine Rescue. A lot of people specialized in mountain rescue. Tall, muscular and big eaters.
I got my first 2 days-off. So I went for an overnight hike on one of the most popular hike around the Mont-Blanc : The Lac Blanc. But I made my own one day and a half trail and I decided to camp next to the lake. And it was absolutely stunning!
After 15 months in Australia, I decided to come back to Europe. I was getting tired and angry and lots of things happened in the past 2 months. So I decided to come back to Europe for a few months. I found a job in Chamonix, right in front of the Mont-Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe!