Everywhere in Kyoto

Explosions of color, flower patterned, Obi (belt) tied in pretty knots, Zôri and Tabi (traditional sandals and white socks up to the ankles) and elegant chignons. A blend of tradition and modernity. Fashion costumes.


Other kimonos and Geishas

Amidst all these beautiful costumes, some are even more impressive. Geiko (confirmed geisha) and Maiko (apprentice) are out attracting any attention. The majesty of their kimono and makeup coupled with their status, is fascinating. In a temple, two girls dressed in gorgeous red kimono attract my camera. They carry an embossed uchiki, (kind of long coat) with tsubo ori (large straw hat around which hangs a long transparent veil once use to remain anonymous).


Rain and umbrella

Thursday, April 7, a torrential rain fell on Kyoto. This does not preclude the wearing of kimono. A new accessory is added: the umbrella. Traditional, transparent or colored for even more style.