After my hike on the Abel Tasman Track, I traveled by hitchhiking the Golden Bay. The area extends from Abel Tasman National Park to Farewell Spit. Farewell Spit is an almost island sinking into the sea from Cape Farewell. It is located on the northern side of the South Island and looks strangely like the long beak of a kiwi (the bird) when viewed on a map. The almost island is a long sand bank, full of colonies of birds and which is unfortunately accessible to the public only through organized visits. The tour being very expensive, I didn’t do it.

Instead I walk around the cliffs along the coast to Cape Farewell to get to Wharariki Beach. A nice three hour ride with passages really close to the edge. Wharariki Beach is a beach renowned for its beauty with its pretty white sand dunes. What particularly amazed me was the possibility of observing Fur Seal close up! Indeed, in a corner of the beach, rocks form a natural swimming pool where a colony of Fur Seal has established itself. Right now, it’s pups time! It was amazing to see them swimming, playing, screaming, lounging on the rocks a few meters from the tourists who came to observe them. I could have spent hours watching them being so cute and fascinating. Back in the car park of the beach where I enjoyed a very good meal at the only coffee shop in the area, I had the opportunity to admire two magnificent peacocks! They were interested in the crumbs of my meal and stood a few inches from me! I have rarely seen these birds so closely.