Hobart - Tasmania - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

Chapter 3 :
The beginning of the reflection

The wondering continent

Financial problems preventing me from going around Asia, I go to Australia with the desire to work hard for 6 months. But my first job turns into a disaster and I find myself a little lost. I have the impression of losing sight of my future. I face difficulties and cross Australia in a strange state filled with questions, flashes and depression.

Australia – 1 year and 3 months – July 2017 to September 2018

The photographs

The tales

Whitehaven Beach - Whitsundays - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

My last road trip in Australia

After leaving Mount Buller, I have three short weeks left to visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. I head for Airlie Beach and tour the Australian countryside before enjoying the extraordinary scenery of the Whitsundays Islands and the Barrier Reef.

Mt Buller - Victoria - Australia - © Claire Blumenfeld

Lost in the clouds

After Tasmania, I go back on the continent to head for Mt Buller, one of Australia’s most famous ski resorts. Yes, there are some mountains high enough in Australia to receive snow. They are called the “Australian Alps”.

Exploring Tasmania

Four months in Tasmania. For discover one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Well, in reality with the work (supervisor at Costa Tasmania during the raspberry season then vegetable picker at Premium Fresh), I only had about a month. But is was a beautiful month.

Carrots contact

From late April to late June I worked at Premium Fresh. A vegetable farm ten minutes from Devonport. Three teams of about ten people take care of hand picking the different vegetables that the farm produces. The team where I was is picking mostly carrots, rhubarb and silverbeet.

Deep into my mind

These past days, my head is boiling. Since a few months, I have the impression of overdosing. It’s too much. Too many ideas, too many expectations, too many worries, too many changes that I want to accomplish. I’m a little exhausted.

Wanderings in Tasmanian Fields

Two months and a half in Tasmania and I feel like I missed a lots of opportunities. I had a strange work experience in Costa Tasmania and no time to go explore this beautiful country.

Tiandi Wildlife Sanctuary

Life flows quietly at Tiandi Wildlife Sanctuary. This little corner of paradise, an hour of Canberra offered me during the month of February a beautiful living space and a very rewarding work.

An altruistic love

In a small corner of paradise, Tiandi Wildlife Sanctuary, Julia takes care of kangaroos and possums, orphans or survivors of road accidents. I had the chance to work there for a month and it was an amazing opportunity.

A blueberry season

From December to January, I worked in the harvest of blueberries in Tumbarumba. Little paradise in the state of New South Wales. Interesting work, nice friends and a lot of great places to visit. A peaceful time.

Tumbarumba, back to positive things

Tumbarumba appeared under a torrential rain. It’s been raining for three days and I do not know what to do. The only goal I had in mind was to reach Tumbarumba because that’s where one of Costa’s farms is doing blueberry fruit-picking; the harvest of blueberries.

Why do I travel ?

Five days on the road and the least we can say is that I do not really enjoy it. Yet I think I was ready to do THE road trip that most backpackers do: drive away for a week, a month, to discover the country.

Along the Great Ocean Road

After Kangaroo Island I’m back in Adelaide for a week. It is very hot and humid. It’s really the beginning of the summer and I’m in pain just to think that here the normal temperature during the summer is around 35°C.

On the island of the Kangaroos

My hurried departure from Arkaroola turned my plans upside down. I don’t know want to do. After a few days of thinking in Adelaide, I decide to go Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is a small island off Cape Jervis a hundred miles south of Adelaide. According to the majority of people, it is one of the most beautiful places in South Australia.

Life in Arkaroola

Life in the Arkaroola is mostly very quiet and peaceful. But between my work at the reception, behind the bar, serving at the restaurant, helping in the kitchen and cleaning the rooms I do not have the time to get bored.

Rocks and flowers

In the Australian bush the native plants have interesting names: bush-banana, bush-tomatoes, native curry, sturt’s desert pea, etc. Apart from the name, they have little in common with the plants from which they took the name.