This week was busy with a huge groupe of about 300 pax coming for 5 days in the hotel. A big group called ICAR : International Commission for Alpine Rescue. A lot of people specialized in mountain rescue. Tall, muscular and big eaters. Was okay. They had buffets and no a la carte services.

The weather is still gorgeous. I am so amazed!! I rarely had such a long time with no rain in the past three years. I feel so grateful but I can see that the trees and plants are suffering a little. I few days of rain would be much appreciated for the nature.
I went on another beautiful hike. I took the cable car to join the Plan de l’Aiguille and I skirted the mountain flank above Chamonix for 3 good hours until the Mer de Glace and then went back down the valley following the Train du Montenvers. It was amazing. The colors of Autumn are a delight. I feel so at peace hiking in the mountains here.

On the down side, my computer, faithful companion for 3 years, decided that it was time to start having technical problems. Couldn’t use the touchpad and keyboard and then couldn’t even start my computer! Huge fright. I went to see the only guy specialized in macbook in the whole valley, paid 150€ just for him to save my data and reinstall the OX and thought that everything was back in order. But my computer is still not happy and still block the touchpad and keyboard half of the time! Damnit!! I ordered the piece that I think is causing the trouble on Amazon and I’m gonna try to change it myself. All of that is taking too much time that I would rather enjoy doing sport, hiking or working on my projects. But it’s like that.

Hopefully this week everything will be back to normal. I plan to go again on a two days hike with bivouac on top of the mountain.