Te Anau. Best homemade pies of Fiordland

Pies in New Zealand are found everywhere. They exist with all possible choices, from salty to sweet, hot or cold, to eat at any time of the day. It is a tradition.

On the way to Te Anau, in the Fiordland region, do not miss a stop by the small shop Miles Pies, next to the i-site. From the outside, the place doesn’t seems special (like many places in NZ) but their pies are delicious. About twenty choices are available: Lamb & Mint, Bacon & Egg, Seafood, Apple & Blueberry, Vegetarian, etc. for $ 6.50. Prepared in the tiny kitchen at the back, the pies just leave the oven when they are purchase. The dough is tender and crispy, the stuffing is fresh and the whole pie is big enough to fill a stomach. But if you are very hungry, let’s be honest, one pie will not be enough for you. They are not that big.

In addition to the pies that make the store famous, you’ll find sandwiches, coffee, smoothies and other drinks and a nice selection of cakes and sweets. Their Apple & Blueberry muffin is delicious and their Lolly cake is to try. The lolly cake is a typically New Zealand cake. The dough is made from a mixture of crushed biscuits combined with melted butter and sweet condensed milk. To this is added soft candies. The cake takes the form of a log rolled in coconut. The cake is then refrigerated and cut into slices. Everybody adds more or less sweets or more or less butter / biscuits for a single recipe.

If you are looking for a quick meal, Miles Pies is for you. During the summer, the store is open all day. You can enjoy your food indoors or outdoors. Beware of seagulls that rush on every single abandoned crumbs.

Miles Pies - Te Anau - Fiordland - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

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Satay Chicken Pie

Of all the pies, the Satay Chicken is for me, by far the best. The dough does not differ from the others but the stuffing has an inimitable taste. As the name suggests, large pieces of chicken are offered with a creamy satay sauce. The whole is soft, tender, absolutely not dry and delicious.

Miles Pies - Te Anau - Fiordland - New Zealand - © Claire Blumenfeld

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