The sun beats hard. Not a cloud on the horizon. From the summit of one of the surrounding ridges I observe Arkaroola. The few buildings that make up the village seem very fragile in the middle of the desert environment. The red of the earth, the dominant color, fascinates me. I am losing myself in the contemplation of the landscape. The place is beautiful.

Since the beginning of July 2017, I work in South Australia at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. The private nature reserve shelters a small village and camping lost to the north of the Flinders Ranges. The first locality in the vicinity is a three-hour drive away. And it takes seven hours to reach the “big” city of the area, Port Augusta. Almost no sign of civilization for miles. Just the semi-desert environment. The undulating hills clad in red. And a feeling of calm. Located 600km north of Adelaide, the region is a witness to the history of evolution. Many geologists come to decipher the history of rocks lining the ground and sometimes discover an animal fossil dating back millions of years.

Beneath my feet are ancient pebbles. Some of the trees I see have passed through the centuries without any noticeable changes. When I look at pictures from fifty years ago, I do not really see any differences. Apart from a denser vegetation today due to the efforts of the owners to protect the environment (Arkaroola was once used as a “Station” (property used for the production of livestock)). Living in Arkaroola it’s to live in the past, present and future. It’s only been two months that I reside in this Outback resort but I feel like the time has stopped.

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